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DS – High quality, perfume free professional hair salon line made in Finland

Chemical impact and fragrance sensitivity are our great concerns, which inspired us to develop high-end perfume free professional hair care and styling line, for those who want to prevent chemical impact or are already fragrance sensitive. It is important to choose ingredients that have a clear function in product performance. With purity in mind our carefully chosen raw materials ultimately nourish and restore hair, without compromising performance or quality. When you want to reduce the chemical impact, less is truly more.

DS styling line meets every requirement of professional styling and finishing, offering everything from matte texture, building definition, lift and volume to heat protection, flexible hold or lasting support and finish.

All DS-series products are dermatologically tested for sensitive skin. Vegan.*

*Does not refer to DS Heat Protection Spray product

Hair care


DS Color

Moisture and vitality for normal, processed and colored hair.

Deeply moisturizing shampoo and conditioner help preserve hair color bright and vivid, as well as reinforce hair’s natural shine. Make hair manageable and soft to touch, leaving it strengthened and full of life. Shampoo and Conditioner contain UV-filter.


DS Volume

Support to thin, fragile and colored hair

Lightweight shampoo and conditioner deeply moisturize hair without weighting it down. Volumize, adding airy volume and bounce. Hair feels soft and thick. Shampoo and Conditioner contain UV-filter.


DS Blond

Concentrated care for blond and grey hair

Blonde brightness with DS Blond Shampoo. Highly concentrated pigment-rich shampoo formula effectively neutralizes undesired warm shades increasing blonde shade brightness. Conditioner moisturizes, nourishes and adds manageability without weighting even thinnest hair down. Makes hair shiny and soft to feel. Shampoo and Conditioner contain UV-filter.

Täydentävä hoito

Concentrated hair care products

Damaged and dry hair often needs specialized care. Indulgent hair care products target parts in need of most support and nutrition.


3 phase mineral removing complex treatment

Hair and scalp impurities are generally considered talc and styling product residue and build-up. Additionally to this however, hair also absorbs minerals like copper, iron, magnesium and chlorine from water and air. This can result in hair looking dull or even change color of lighter hair shades. DS series clarifying products offer a 3 phase hair mineral removing treatment, as well as effective deep cleansing products.

Hair styling and finishing

Pohjustus, esivalmistelu


Created to prime, protect and perfect hair for further styling. Effective and lasting mechanical damage protection and ideal base for a hair-do of the day.

Pre Styling Cream
Heat Protection Spray



Carefully chosen strong performance styling products simplify everyday styling, ensuring lasting hold. Full hair-do control hold on to withstand daily challenges.

Salt Spray
Fiber Gel
Styling Lotion
Matte Wax
Volume Mousse
Texturizing Spray



High performance finishing products ensure the durability of any hair-do. Active ingredients protect hair from moisture influence and UV-rays. While medium hold hairspray provides a natural flexible hold, DS strong hold hairspray offers maximum hold for a long lasting hairstyle. Both hairsprays hair a radiant shiny finish.

Strong Hold Hairspray
Medium Hold Hairspray