After a 10 year break, experienced hair care manufacturer Seppo Iso-Mustajärvi decided to return back to business to transform conventional hair salon experience, creating Sim Sensitive brand. He focused Sim Sensitive on several features, like high quality, ideal performance, occupational health and great service, which resulted in manufacturing 100% perfume free products.


The ideology of perfume free or hypoperfumed products in the everyday use in the salon was summed up in a Clean Air Salon concept, which has been conquering the hearts of hairdressers not only suffering from allergies, but also those who simply prefer to work in a fresh environment free of perfumes, chemical smells and vapors usually found in hairdressing salons.


Sim Finland Oy moves to a bigger 5000 sq meters factory in Ylöjärvi


Generation change. The torch of leadership, innovation and experience has been forwarded to Tatu and Jyri Viherma.


Sim Sensitive is standing strong in the Finnish market and is quickly growing the exports. With a strong base of regular clients, Sim Sensitive has more than 230 exclusive Clean Air Salon concept salons and the interest in the concept is constantly growing.