As pioneers and leading manufacturers of perfume free products our mission is to promote a different approach to professional hair care.

At Sim we work to inspire and encourage hairdressers to take a better care of themselves and their clients. With true dedication to our Clean Air Salon concept, experience and partnership with our clients, we thrive to revolutionize conventional approach to hairdressing, create a healthier working environment and offer high performance products.



  • True enthusiasm for designing high standard salon products and environments
  • Authentic interest in perfume free professional hair care products
  • Genuine dedication to our partners' & customers' needs and their satisfaction

Being a Finnish company we make high quality standards a must with every product we create. Mixing it with our Scandinavian love for purity and harmony, and authentic interest in improving our clients working environment, we dedicate ourselves to designing high standard perfume free products and creating up-to-date in-salon solutions.


Maximum performance in everything we do and create

Our clients are our inspiration

We are partners

We work for a better air to breath