SensiDO fiiliskuva

Cream Color
Ammonia free

SensiDO Cream Color

Perfume-free, cream hair color carefully developed in Finland by the top professional hair stylists and chemists. SensiDO’s innovative and unique oxidizing control system, S.O.C.S*, allows the coloring mix to work longer, guarantees complete coverage, long lasting results and an incredible shine. The color is easy to mix and apply. Re-Pair Complex conditions, repairs and strengthens hair. To achieve the desired shade and to ensure correct viscosity and easy application, only use SensiDO hair color with the specially developed SensiDO Oxidant or SensiDO Crème Developer.

* SensiDO Oxidation Control System

CASPerfume free

Oxidant & Creme Developer

SensiDO Oxidant & Creme Developer

SensiDO colors should be used with specially developed SensiDO Oxidant or SensiDO Crème Developer. This will ensure perfect and long lasting results, full of shine and vitality.

Using SensiDO oxidants will help you achieve the desired shade and to ensure correct viscosity and easy application.

SensiDO oxidants:

2,1 % Vol. 7 semi-permanent coloring
3 % Vol. 10 tone to tone or darker
6 % Vol. 20 1 tone lifting, tone to tone and darker
9 % Vol. 30 2 tones lifting
12 % Vol. 40 3-4 tones lifting

CASPerfume free

SensiDO Match

SensiDO Match

Vitality to color, ammonia free.
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SensiDO Color Seal

SensiDO color seal emulsifier visibly prolongs durability of hair color vibrancy and shine. Apply a rich amount of Color Seal to hair after color’s development time and emulsify. There is no need to use shampoo after that.

SensiDO Pre-pigmentation foam

SensiDO Pre-pigmentation Foam is easy-to-use perfume free pre- and after- pigmentation foam for professional use.

Three different shades:

desired shade darkness level 2 – 6 Warm Red
desired shade darkness level 6 – 8 Soft Orange
desired shade darkness level 8 – 10 Sunny Gold

CASPerfume free

SensiDO Magic Lightening hair color system

Lighten and color in one go

Lighten hair up to 6 levels and color it at the same time. The combination of dust free color mixture and bleaching paste makes it possible for the colorists to lift even the darkest natural (level 2) or previously colored hair and color it to brilliant red or cool blond shades (level 10).

CASPerfume free