SensiDO Match

Vitality to color

Ammonia free conditioning hair gloss to add shine, shade and intensity. Pure color pigments ideally refresh color between permanent colorings. Apply to dry or towel-dry hair, leave on for 3-5 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Effect lasts approximately 6–8 washes.


Rich pink shade to add intensity and refresh funky pink hair or change shade accent on lighter hair. Intensifies and adds glamorous shine.


Intensive orange shade for copper hair. Boost copper shades, adds depth and shine. When used on light brown hair it will give a warm shade result.


Bright red shade for intensive red hair tones. Adds vitality to color, refreshes tones and intensity. Can be used on lighter hair to add an accent.


Intensive brown shade for dark and medium brown hair. Refreshes brown shades, adds shine and depth.


Sandy blonde shade for light and medium light hair. Precisely refreshes hair tones and adds brilliance.


Cool silver shade for blonde and grey hair. Refreshes color, removes brassy yellow shades, adds shine and color vitality.


Deep violet shade for dark hair. Deposits rich tones, adds intensive shine, color depth and vitality.


Deep blue black shade for darkest brown to black hair. Creates rich glaze and intensity, adds depth and dimension to dark tones.