SensiDO Match Clear

White creamy diluter
  • For all hairtypes
  • Adds shine
  • Contains UV-protection
  • Perfume free and vegan
  • 125 ml
White creamy diluter to mix with SensiDO Match direct dyes to dial down the color or create an amazing pastel option. Slowly add small amounts of Clear diluter into the direct dye pigment mixture until you reach the desired shade. The more Clear diluter you add, the lighter and more translucent is the end result. Easy! To achieve an ultimate light pastel shade end result, hair needs to be pure blonde.
Mix the desired shade from Match direct color and Clear diluter. lApply evenly to dry or towel-dry hair. Process for 10-20 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Attn.! Wear suitable gloves, protect your clothes and avoid getting color onto the skin. Can stain towels/sheets when wet.

How to? You can intermix SensiDO Match direct dyes thus creating a fully personalized shade that will fit perfectly. Coloring with SensiDO direct dyes is easy due to creamy consistency ensuring even and effortless application. Suitable for all hair types. Can be used on previously colored hair to add intensity and beautiful shine.