SensiDO Trillion Tones

SensiDO Trillion Tones is hybrid color that is not just a direct dye, demi/semi or permanent color, but all of the above. SensiDO Trillion Tones is direct dye based PPD-free hair color that can also be used as a permanent color. This allows you to do all the colorings: anything from grey coverage, pastels, vibrant jewel tones, permanent lift/deposit on virgin hair, natural blonde, brunette and red name it!

SensiDO Trillion Tones -concept is a compact color line that offers every hair stylist an opportunity to go beyond any boundaries. Color line includes 5 intense and 5 pastel tones, as well as a white tone that allows to formulate trillions of tones for virgin, processed and even grey hair. SensiDO Trillion Tones challenges stylists across the world to create stunning colors!