SensiDO Trillion Tones was breaking boundaries already during product development. Never before had direct color been combined with permanent color technology to create a completely new range of colors. The inspiration for it all was to create a truly PPD-free hair color that could be used like a permanent color.
Trillion Tones color range was not primarily made as a vivid color, but above all a safe PPD free option for creating natural brown and beautiful blonde shades as well as for coloring grey hair that thus far could have only been achieved with permanent colors. Another plus is that now young people under the age of 16 can now have their hair colored safely in the salon as well.
Hair color components used in Trillion Tones are carefully selected completely PPD-free cationic direct pigments. The ammonia in the alkali swells the outermost layer of the hair to allow pigments penetrate deep inside the hair. Ammonia also promotes the bleaching process by acting as a catalyst when working in conjunction with hydrogen peroxide (an oxidant). The oxidant, in turn, oxidizes, the released oxygen lightens the hair's natural melanin pigment and makes color more long-lasting.
The best of Trillion Tones
  • The best of Trillion Tones is definitely demonstrated when used like a permanent color without pre-bleaching on either virgin or previously treated hair
  • When creating natural hair shade remember to use different combinations of brown, black, red and yellow - blue is primarily recommended for pre-bleached sections to create vivid shades or used as a pastel color to neutralize orange undertone from the hair
  • 3-4 level lightening and a beautiful tone can be best achieved with pastel red and black combinations