Sustainable manufacturing

 Energy sustainability
We strive for energy efficiency and reducing our carbon footprint through all of our processes. Our factory is heated and cooled by geothermal energy. Geothermal heating is the ecological choice which doesn’t create any CO2 emissions. It is a completely pure and renewable energy. Additionally, all our factory lighting is LED and equipped with motion detection. Lights are on only when people are present.
Responsible manufacturing practices
Product manufacturing heating and cooling processes use enormous amounts of energy and with the help of our clever engineers we have developed a new energy circulation system for our facilities, where the same energy can be reused multiple times. Hot water needed for manufacturing processes is delivered at the requested temperature to the vessel from a big boiler, when previously the hot water needed in the manufacturing processes was heated up using electricity or steam. This allows us to halve the process time, while doubling the production capacity.
Minimized water consumption
We used to take cooling water from the tap and afterwards the cooling water was wasted to the sewers still warm. Now we save 4 million liters of clean drinking water yearly with heat recovery equipped closed water circulation system. This system enables us to achieve significant energy savings, as the same water used in the cooling processes is recirculated.
Using solar energy
Our rooftop solar power station holds 678 solar panels which ensures that our yearly electricity production exceeds the electricity needs of our manufacturing processes. In the summertime our production plant is purely solar powered making operations fully carbon neutral and on weekends excess power is fed back into the grid.