DS Salt Spray

Volumizing salt spray
  • Thick and matte texture
  • Tames hair
  • Versatile
  • Suitable for both short and long hair
  • Perfume free and vegan
  • 200 ml
Adds thickness and matte texture to hair. Quickly adds optimum grip to fine, slippery and frizzy hair, to easily tame and style hair. Suitable for all hair types and lengths.
Spray salt spray onto dry or wet hair, depending on the end result you are looking for. Let it air-dry or use a hairdryer. Spray onto towel dry hair, directly to the roots and lightly massage hair during blow drying to achieve volume. Spray onto towel dry hair lengths and ends, lightly scrunch hair to achieve a relaxed beachy hair-look. Spritz onto dry hair and scrunch with fingers to achieve a fuller, messier look.