Silk Keratin

Perfume free permanent wave lotion
  • Available in 3 strengths:
  • 0 - resistant and difficult hair
  • 1 - normal hair
  • 2 - chemically treated hair
  • Only for professional use
Perfume free keratin permanent wave lotion for proven, beautiful end results. Developed in Finland to safely help create various permanent curls or waves depending on the size of curlers or application techniques used.

Silk Keratin permanent wave lotion contains keratin that helps repair damages caused during perming process. Contains collagen that protects hair and skin. Silk adds shine and moisture during hair perming process.

Avoid contact with eyes. Rinse eyes immediately if product comes into contact with them. Wear suitable gloves. For professional use only. Contains thioglycolate and ammonia. Follow the instructions. Keep out of reach of children.