We held international Nordic Shades image competition open to all industry professionals! The image competition was held on Instagram and participation was possible by tagging the published image with our competition-related tags. Our goal was to inspire our customers to participate in the competition as easily as possible and proudly show their own professionalism. These competition entries are adding to the inspiration and creativity that our industry always craves.
1st Place Oleksii Baluiev
During my ten-year career, I have always strived to select the highest quality products that meet the quality requirements of both me and our customers. Product safety, the condition of the hair after color treatment and the longevity of the hair color are the main reasons why we choose SensiDO, ”says Oleksii. “When we discovered and tested the products of Sim Sensitive brand, it was immediately clear that the products need to also be available on the Ukrainian market for all hairdressers. We would like to thank you for your careful product development. Every shade of Nordic Shades makes us fall in love with the products again and again.” Oleksii adds.  ”Our team loves Sim Sensitive -products. We hope that these awful times we are facing now will end soon and we once again will be able to create beauty around us.” 

How did you create model’s look and photo? The image was taken during a workshop in Ukraine. Our goal is always to create and implement something different and unique. Here we bleached both the hair and the beard twice using SensiDO bleaching products. Whenever we work close to the skin, we prefer using SensiDO Bleaching Paste. During the second bleaching process we added Pro Cooler to the mixture. Pro Cooler is one of the best-selling Sim Sensitive products in Ukraine and its reflecting power is impressive. For toning we chose the most popular shade T / 618, which we mixed with SensiDO Creme Developer 0.9 % oxidant in a 1:4 ratio.

2nd Place. Minna Tervo
I like to create a lot of nuanced and natural colorings on long hair. Whether it is dark or light hair, I almost always do the base work using different highlighting techniques before coloring or toning. The base of the hair on the photo was an old balayage. I refreshed the hair with a few brightening highlights and did a quick color toning at the wash station using Nordic Shades T/167 and T/73. At the roots I used SensiDO 5/0. I think Nordic Shades colors are beautiful. They are soft and have good light shades. The darker tones of Nordic Shades work great with pre-lightened hair, when creating low lights or adding depth.  

3rd Place. Laura Aaltonen
“My name is Laura Aaltonen, I graduated from Loima Professional School in 2013 and am currently working in Turku at Crystal Salon with 5 creatives. I train people and do a lot of styling, but I also love the business itself and especially blonde and various highlighting techniques. Photoshooting has also developed into its own little passion of mine, and that is what can be used in this work as well. The best thing about SensiDO colors is, of course, that they are perfume free and made in Finland, and above all, the amazing end results. I especially like the Nordic Shades for their softness and range of shades. "  How did you create model’s look and photo? “This image is of a look I created on one of my regular clients. We did teasylights for her using T / 618, T / 36 and a little T / 69 + 0.9 % Toner peroxide. There is no need to worry about failures with Nordic Shades - on the contrary, these colors are easy, fun and safe to use. "
 The TOP 10 competition entries are in random order. The participants published an image of their work done using SensiDO Nordic Shades. The tags # nordicshadesshot22 and #finnishhairprofessionals #sensido were used to publish the images.