What on earth is co-wash? 

Frequent washing hair with shampoo can damage your hair by stripping it of natural moisturising oils, making it dry, rough and frizzy. Hot climate and cold, dry winter air can also strip hair of natural oils, thus drying out and weakening the hair. The solution to these problems can be found by switching from a conventional shampoo to a co-washing conditioner. For example, replace every other shampoo wash with a co-washing conditioner or switch completely to a co-washing conditioner. In both cases, visible benefits are obtained for both hair and scalp.

Co-washing conditioners generally do not foam as they contain few gentle surfactants, usually no anionic surfactants or sulphates. This is why they are perfect for color-treated, damaged and curly hair. The co-washing conditioner gently washes hair, leaving it silky soft and shiny. Co-washing conditioners effectively moisturise, cleanse and protect hair.

Sim Sensitive has perfume free and vegan co-washing DS Mineral Removing Balm. It contains chelating agents that reverse undesired discoloration caused by minerals, heavy metals, chlorine and water contaminants. The co-washing conditioner closes hair cuticles and deeply moisturises hair. Hair becomes more manageable, shiny and soft to touch.

Use: Apply evenly to towel-dried hair, leave on for 5-10 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

Also remember: DS Mineral Removing range, have a deep cleansing shampoo and a chelating conditioner for effective mineral removal.

Kaisa Leppälä
Product development chemist