About oat oil

All Forme Essentials products contain Oat oil extracted from Finland grown oats. As a matter of fact, Finland is world’s fourth largest producer of oats. Oat oil is extracted from grains using environmentally-friendly supercritical carbon dioxide extraction, which preserves the oil’s versatile conditioning benefits. Oat oil is known to be beneficial for problematic and especially sensitive skin (e.g. atopic skin, psoriasis, contact dermatitis), which makes it perfectly suitable for hair care products.

In addition to being vegan - oat oil is also gluten free. It is a good source of Omega fatty acids, Vitamin E, antioxidants, Ceramides and Avenanthramides. Together with other active ingredients it helps protect epidermis and hair against external stress, such as damaging UV-rays and free radicals. This versatile conditioning component helps maintain and strengthen skin and hair barrier function. Helps relieve itchiness and local inflammation. Adds manageability and softness to hair, improving overall condition. Oat oil is lightweight and easily absorbed without weighing hair down.
Vesa Rämö
Head of Laboratory, Product Development