A cool-toned, platinum blonde hair has been a consistent trend for years. Now however more dimensional hues are coming into fashion. Shades that are juicier, more natural and most of all more versatile.
Taking a step beyond traditional Scandinavian blonde, SensiDO Nordic Shades were developed to offer various nuances of blonde color that hairdressers and customers alike find so inspiring. With SensiDO Nordic Shades, colorists can create beautiful multi-dimensional shades of blonde on highlighted, bleached and naturally light hair. The fast-acting pigments gently tone and color hair, keeping the integrity and shine. SensiDO hair colors are perfume free and vegan, produced through sustainable solar energy in our own factory in Tampere, Finland.
Are you looking for hair inspiration?
Finnish SensiDO hair colors have come to life in the hands of professional and creative colorists throughout Finland and around the world. Instagram is a great source of beautiful hair inspiration. Use hashtag #nordicshades #simsensitive and get inspired by amazing creations of your colleagues.