Curly Girl Method

 An approach designed to highlight and care for naturally curly hair. The method suggests to use products containing no silicones, sulphates and alcohol. Among other things it oftentimes also calls to avoid fragrances, hair reconstructing ingredients and drying styling products such as hairspray.
Hair Care: Hair washing is the biggest change in hair care regimen. According to the method, Final Wash is done with a sulphate-rich shampoo. Deep cleansing shampoo is perfect for this.

After Final Wash, the hair is predominantly washed using cleansing conditioner only once a week or even less frequently. So traditional shampoo is not Curly Girl approved, but there are a few exceptions and conditions to shampooing process. If necessary, wash your hair only with sulphate-free shampoo. For example, hair that has a lot of styling products, is sweaty and slightly wavy can be still washed with sulphate-free shampoo. Sometimes it is recommended to use a conditioner before and after shampooing.

Styling Products: While styling hair use hair gel that does not contain any of the ingredients mentioned above, to hold your curls. Use of heat styling tools (flat iron, curler and hairdryer) is not allowed and air drying is preferred. However, the method allows the use of hairdryer with diffuser to emphasize the curls.
If you are interested in the method, you can narrow down your search to find the right products.